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Viking Pressurized Drying System - 21
Dimensions                      (H X W X D) 20.5 X 16.7 X 18.5 in
Weight                             19 lbs.
Motor                                2-Stage Tangential By-Pass
Power                               9 amps – 115VAC
Switch                              2-position rocker with moisture guard and light
Watts                               1200
Vacuum                            106 inches
Airflow                               2600 lpm – 92 cfm
Operating Temperature Up to 200° F
Thermal Protection Thermal Protection Switch with Auto Reset
Air Nozzels                        21
Cord Length                       25 ft
Tubing                               3/8 in ID X 1/2 in – (200 ft supplied)
Stackable for storage          Yes
Housing                             Rotomolded polyethylene
• Pressurized air flow
• Most even airflow
• Built-in cord wrap
• Light Weight
• Easy grip handle
• On-board plug-off system
• Self healing thermal protection
• Stackable for storage
Heat to 205º
There is no airmover motor , no squirrel cage, no attachments. The PDS-21 is an all-in-one containment which makes this revolutionary product easy-to-use for big and small jobs alike.The PDS-21 makes drying easier and less frustrating than before. It is perfect for under sinks or behind cabinets and permanent furniture. Its portability makes drying a breeze. Rents under Xactimate Code: WTRWALL (Wall cavity drying - Inj. type).
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