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We are not a flood restoration company.
We provide service to the flood restoration industry with service, repair, rental, & sales.

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Drieaz  Evolution  LGR  Dehumidifier    
    Medium size rooms, etc  70 pints/Day

Drieaz 7000 LGR Dehumidfier
    Large size rooms, etc  130 pints/Day

Viking Eco Cam Air Mover
      Recommended to accompany Dehumidifiers 
      Dramatically increases the efficiency of a    ...dehumidifier. Only 1.6 amps

Ace Axial Air Mover                                                          3200 cfm   low amps  

Viking Pressurized Drying System - 21
       Heated unit for under cabinets and inside walls.  

Air Scrubber Hepa 500                                                       500 cubic feet per minute

Air Scrubber 2200C
      2200 cubic feet per minute

Ozone Generator  105A, 115A, 330A, 5G     
       Odor removal - rooms, cars  

Spider Box (electrical)

Floor Drying System
We deliver and pick up
24 hours a day - 7 days a week   
Flood Restoration Professionals:
We can save you on equipment rental,
 filters, repairs, sales, etc.
Contact us for industry rental rates.
 If you need a flood restoration professional, we  can refer an excellent one in your region since we work with most of them repairing equipment.
 We are not a flood restoration company.
 We provide equipment only.
Serving the counties of San Diego, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, & Imperial
Call anytime  -  24 hours a day  -  7 days a week 
     Long term rental discounts

  6 to 10 days  -     5% discount
 11 to 20 days  -   10% discount
 21 days  -            15% discount