Vulcan  Drying System
Vulcan heater is designed for commercial and industrial structural drying applications with 37,000 BTU industrial duty heating elements and heavy duty blower for a long service life. Vulcan operates on 230 V from 30 amp circuits, such as dryer outlet (19,000 BTU), or 50 amp stove outlet (37,000 BTU) and is compatible with 50 amp Spider boxes. The outlet on the side is a standard 125/250 50 amp outlet. Unit can be also hardwired into electrical panel (always use a certified electrician) using over current 
protec-tion (breaker) or operated from a power supply generator using a 50 amp 230Vac.

Vulcan is compact, only 29 3/4” long, 11’ wide and 14” high, it can be setup where heat is needed with-out long ducting and heat loses. When ducting is required, 10” dia. flex can be connected to outlet and inlet sides. The heater is easy to store and light enough for one person to setup.

Vulcan is TUV lab tested to comply with UL and CSA electrical safety standards and is NEC compliant. Safety features include temperature safety switch with 180 F cutoff and air flow switch. The heater ele-ments are in double walled compartment insulated with mineral wool to keep the housing just warm even when under full load. MERV11 filter keeps dust out of the heating elements for safety and maximum particulate protection for your Vulcan .to “Live Long and Prosper”

-  Vulcan delivers 19,000 or 37,000 BTU on 30 or 50 amp service with precise temperature and air flow control.
-  Programmable Temperature controller with digital dis-play can regulate heater temperature up to 160º F. Included is 25’ long    ..thermocouple to monitor remote containment air or material temperature.
-  6- robust heating elements can be individually turned ON, providing a great system flexibility.Temperature rise is about 
15º F.per.heating element with air flow set at 300 cfm.
-  Variable air flow from 100 to 400 cfm will deliver heat where is needed.
-  Vulcan heater outlet and inlet have 10” dia. flex duct connections.
-  Heater is safe to operate in horizontal or vertical position.
-  Vulcan can be handled by a single person as it is com-pact and light.

 Vulcan Heater Model # OHV230

 Power …. 230 VAC/60 Hz, 1 Phase
  30 amp—19,000 BTU (dryer outlet)
  50 amp - 37,000 BTU (range outlet)
 Controls ….Variable speed blower control; Status lights for
  Power, Airflow and Safety protection; Hour meter;
  Programmable Temp. Controller with 25’ thermo
  couple; 6—On/Off heater switches with status lights
 Heating elements… 6 - tubular, finned elements, over 10 KW
 Blower ….. 230V/60Hz/1.2 amp, Variable Speed blower ,
  950 cfm free air flow, thermal overload protection
  Air flow adjustable from 100 - 400 cfm with blower speed
 Housing …….Aluminum with black epoxy powder coat/galvanized  metal,
  recessed control panel; 2-soft caring handles, 4—3” dia
  casters with breaks , 10” dia. inlet and outlet duct connection
 Dimensions (LxWxH)29 3/4 x 11 1/4”x 17 3/4” with casters
 Net Weight With Filter…………..57 lbs.
 Safety compliance: NEC compliant and TUV lab tested t0 comply
  with UL 1278 & CSA/IEC 60635 electrical safety standards.
 Warranty: 1 year parts and labor except for MERV11 filter

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Dimensions (LxWxH) 29 3/4" x 11 1/4" x 17 3/4” with casters 
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